Our references : a progression towards success and notoriety

However, the Academy can be proud of certain national and international successes. Especially for the following shows and representations, the Academy has received an enthusiastic response from the public and specialised critics :

  • Festivities of the European Community in Brussels
  • Representation in Brussels during the festivities for the Belgian Dynasty
  • Representation during the Belgian Jumping Derby
  • Representation with the Portuguese Riding School during Europalia Portugal
  • Representation during the International Dressage Championship of Rennes
  • Participation to the "Nuits du Cheval" in Arles
  • Participation to the "Feria" van Béziers
  • Representation during de international jumping van Malines
  • Representation during the festivities organised by the City Council of The Hague
  • Representation during the "Salon du Cheval" of Paris
  • Representation during the "Salon du Cheval" of Auxerre
  • Representation during de ballooning championships organised by the Provincial Domain of Hélécine
  • Representation during the gala of the Hippodrome of Oostende
  • Galas à Tarbes (F)
  • Le Grand Carrousel du Sablon (Bruxelles 2000)
  • Le Grand Carrousel Royal De Versailles ( Château de Versailles 2013)
  • Representation during the Feira Nacional do Cavalo Golega (Portugal) 2014